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Hi, I'm Charline. A 30-something years old, crazy about photos, travels and nice stories. I want to meet you and put all your feelings and emotions in pictures. If you're looking for a photographer who comes to capture your daily life in a natural way, and always with a smile, then you've come to the right place ✨

After nearly 2 years of traveling the World solo, I decided to start over and built my photography company in 2016, a job I've always dreamt about. Today, I am based in Biarritz in the Basque Country in France. When I'm not going on vacation with my backpack, I love to put it on to explore your area and take pictures of you as a destination wedding photographer. Take me for a walk in France and abroad to come and capture the most beautiful moments of your lives. All with the sweet sound of your favorite music blaring in your ears.

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© Carole Juin

A wedding by my side is:

✨ Laughter

✨ Happy tears

✨ Warm looks and hugs

✨ Colors that explode

✨ Flying dresses

✨ Hands that grab each other

✨ Moving ceremonies

✨ Brides & grooms who jump

✨ Parties, parties & parties

☀️ And some beautiful sun

In the Basque Country, in Provence, Mauritius, Bali or wherever. No matter the destination, the only important thing is your emotions.



My photo sessions dreams



in Corsica between the sea & the mountains

🏝️ on the beach in the Basque country⁠
⛰️ a tiny wedding in the Pyrénées⁠

☀️ sunset time in Mauritius
🌵 between tropical forest & the sea in Bali⁠

🎉 in the colorful streets of Puerto Rico⁠

🏜 in the Moroccan desert
❄️ under the snow with candle lights only

⛵ on a catamaran at sunset⁠

☀️ in the middle of a desert

🛶 in Canadian or US⁠ parks (Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Banff⁠...)

🗽 in the streets of New York⁠

Check all my dates already booked for weddings, as well as the places where I go. Schedule your photo shoot now with me.



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