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You may think I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one

Hey! I’m Charline. A 30ish year old woman, travel addict, who loves taking pictures and earing great stories of life. I want to meet you, to discover you and to capture everything you feel with my camera. I’m completely addict to smiles, happiness, close-knit families, crazy couples and people who want to enjoy life.

I am a photographer of emotions above all, being myself a hyper sensitive person. When I don’t put on my backpack for a personal vacation, I love to put it on to explore your area and take pictures of you. Take me for a walk in France and abroad to catch the most beautiful moments of your lives. All with the soft sound of your favorite music in the ears.

Impose your luck, hold tight to your happiness and go towards your risk. Looking at you they will get used to it.

René Char

My work in one video

My work in one video

Your stories of humanity

Capture your happiness

You don’t need a good reason to take pictures, every day is good enough. You can do it for fun, to keep a memory of a milestone event, or simply to spend some time with those you love. Once this moment has passed, you will still have these photos, but especially the emotions and the memory of the time spent together. 

Through my images, I wish to remind you of this crazy laugh, the sun that came to shine your hair, the wind that blew, this mountain that was difficult to climb, this view who impressed us, your children playing, your dad’s hand in yours.

Everyone follows a road, everyone follows their path

Who am I?

My story

I'm a professional photographer since July 2016. Before that, I went on a round the World tour for 2 years (among other things). I have one piercing and one tatoo, a great family. And a crazy desire to meet the other and see what humanity has to offer.
© Pic by Carole Juin


I love traveling and I'm lucky to have customers calling me from everywhere. Whether to discover our incredible country or abroad. If you want to add your destination to my list, contact me :)

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