You may think I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one

John Lennon

Photography is an encounter between several human beings. For a moment, you agree to surrender yourself entirely to me by showing me who you are, what you love and how you live. The idea for me is to meet and discover who you are and to translate everything you feel through images.

Emotions first. I am a very sensitive person and so I love taking your emotions in picture. I’m also a travel lover and that’s why when I don’t take my backpack for a vacation, I love to explore your place and take a picture of you. Let’s go for a walk in France and abroad and let’s meet. With the soft sound of your favorite music in the ears.

I’m completely addicted to smiles, happiness, close families, crazy couples and people who want to enjoy their life. My identity summarized in 1 word? Humanity.

Impose your luck, hold tight to your happiness and go towards your risk.

Looking at you they will get used to it.

René Char

Everyone follows a road, everyone follows their path

I am convinced that travel is intimately linked to photography and vice versa. I want you to discover a little more about yourself and me through our meetings. All of this accompanied with some nice music.


I meet a lot of interesting and exciting people and I want to tell you their stories with more depth. They are happy families, lovers and people full of life who live beautiful stories of love, friendship or family. They laugh, they cry, they kiss and hug each other (a lot).

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I am a photography-lover, but also a traveler and a music lover. For me, these three passions are really important in my life and are linked to one another. They lead me to you and I am convinced that is what I bring out in the photos I take.

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Have the feeling that I’m THE right person to portray your life in photos? Then tell me your story, your wishes, about your loved ones and where you would like our meeting to take place.

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Capture your happiness

You don’t need a good reason to take pictures, every day is good enough. You can do it for fun, to keep a memory of a milestone event, or simply to spend some time with those you love. Once this moment has passed, you will still have these photos, but especially the emotions and the memory of the time spent together. Through my images, I wish to remind you of this crazy laugh, the sun that came to shine your hair, the wind that blew, this mountain that was difficult to climb, this view who impressed us, your children playing, your dad’s hand in yours.

A keepsake for life


I am convinced that beautiful images deserve to be seen and reviewed infinitely. I keep looking back at my family photo albums, my pictures printed on the wall, all those memories that suddenly evoke a stronger feeling inside when I have them in my hands. I also know that my parents made an album, just for me, with all the first pictures of my childhood and that it is waiting for me at home, till the day I decide to take it with me. Just as I love flicking through my grandmother’s family album, which is full of treasures far more important than any object to me. These pictures tell her story, but also mine and I will be happy to one day tell these stories to my own grandchildren.

For this, I offer you some quality albums and prints that you can keep your entire life and even pass on to your family and grandchildren one day. And most importantly to allow you to look back at them when the desire to walk down memory lane comes and for you to smile as you look back at these happy moments and know that all these memories you hold in your hand are yours.