Can’t help falling in love with you


For some couples, it was love at first sight. For others, it took a little longer, but time allowed you to uncover the reality and strength of your true feelings. No matter how you met, you followed your intuition and today you are together, and now no longer able to live without one another. You share a lot of different moments: some serious, some happy and some sad ones too. But all these emotions, you go through together.

For me, having a partnership means showing your significant other a side of you that only this person knows. It’s about sharing an extraordinary adventure in an ordinary environment. It’s about making every day into something more beautiful for the two of you.  So what does your relationship mean to you? What are the moments that only belong to you both? What makes you laugh with one another? What made or makes you fall in love?

I don’t want to just take a picture of you. I want to spend some time with you both. I would like for you to show me the daily emotions you share together, the intensity of your love, the respect you have for each other, your co-conspirator. I would like to capture the moments you laugh together as if you are the only ones in the world. I want to capture all that makes your story.

Because it’s not just the big occasions that matter


You don’t have to wait until your wedding day to do a couple photo shoot. You don’t have to wait for an announcement or the Christmas picture. No, in fact, any day of your day is enough to be a good reason to do it. Because at final, what I propose is to go for a walk, or to bring me to your sweet house. To share with you an ordinary moment to capture your cuddles, this moment when he tells you a sweet word in your ear, the wind that makes your dress fly or the sea hitting against the rocks behind you when you cuddle.

Oh yes and great news, you will also have the right to dance (as much as you want) 🙂 I knew it could please you.

“Forever and ever, you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you. Forever and ever, we never will part. Oh, how I’ll love you.
Together, together, that’s how it must be to live without you would only mean heartbreak for me.

Aretha Franklin

Pour toujours et à jamais, tu resteras dans mon coeur et je t’aimerai. Pour toujours et à jamais, nous ne serons séparés. Oh, combien je t’aimerai.
Ensemble, ensemble, c’est ainsi que ce doit-être. Vivre sans toi ne pourrait que me briser le coeur.


A few words of some shared moments


Your very natural and spontaneous approach during our photo shoot under the snow immediately made us feel at home. We did not feel we had to ask you constantly something, you just understood our complicity and our relationship and took that in pictures. This is also what we were very happy and surprised about when we discovered the photos of the session! Simple moments of life that we did not think could emerge in photo but you did it. Thank you for immortalizing our life together.

Maud & Fred

You really knew how to seize the moments, it’s crazy. The framing, the moments captured, you have all the essentials and it’s so good! You are a great photographer with a unique eye that captures moments and immortalizes smiles. In addition you are nice and approachable.

Perrine & Romain


You knew how to put us at ease right away and capture these famous “natural” moments. My wife and I did not notice the session go by. In short, very good moments, very good memories and most importantly, very beautiful pictures. What else? But a BIG thank-you!

Maï & Louif


I promise you my arms to carry your anxieties.

I promise you my hands for you to kiss them.