Happiness looks great on you

Much more than a photo shoot, this is what I want to offer you: to photograph through a reportage your life and to create these memories for you.

The simple bare necessities

Our family is our little thing that belong to us. Our parents, our grandparents, our brothers & sisters, our cousins. And then one day, our couple, one or more children. All these relations are quite magical, we learn to live together, we build together, we grow together.  Through this photo shoot, I want you to spend a beautiful time together to laugh, play, sing and dance if you feel like it. That you have a spontaneous, happy, and beautiful moment that belongs to you. It can be just between a mother and her child for a moment of complicity if you feel like it. Or with your whole family coming together with several generations.

My family is my base, my landmark. I have lots of family memories, I will never be able to write them all here. I am aware that I also have them thanks to the many photos and videos that we have and that we rediscover as soon as the desire takes us. I want to bring you all these memories today, for today and tomorrow.

Daily life

To celebrate the birth of the youngest, the birthday of another, or just to enjoy. In fact, there is no good timing or reason for that. Every day is reason enough.

Regardless the occasion

To create your souvenirs for today and tomorrow


Create images of these first moments of life, this very special moment that goes off in 2 seconds.



Do you like walking in the forest, going to the beach, laughing, cuddling? Let me capture all those precious moments of your family.

The simplicity of nice moments


At home, to capture all these crazy and regulars moments you live every day. With 2, 3 or even 4 generations reunited at the same time.

Your life in hundreds of pictures

We are family, I got all my sisters with me. We are family, Getup, ev’rybody, and sing. Everyone can see we’re together as we walk on by I won’t tell no lie, all of the people around us, they say “can they be that close?” We’re giving love in a family does.

famille charline photography

Are you ready to laugh?

What if we made all the little moments of your routine some great moments of your life? We can do this photo shoot at your home to show your crazy home, it can be at the edge of the beach where you like to walk in the evening after school, in the forest where you go on the weekend and run with your dog. You can gather as many people as you want (invite your parents, your grand parents, your brother etc). I’m just convinced of one thing: to take photos that look like you, there must be a maximum of you and straightforward. Do you like skateboarding with your kids? Bring it! Do you like to play? So let’s play together.

I am convinced of one thing: for some photos that look like you, there must be a maximum of you. I propose a reportage without strange poses nor frozen smiles. You like skateboarding with your kids? Bring it! You like to play? Let’s play together.

Nice words
Caroline, Nicolas, Madeleine & little one

There are encounters in life that just seem obvious to us… Hanging moments, almost magical that we cannot even explain, and that’s exactly what happened on the day when we met you.
The idea of embarking on a photo shoot was a bit scary… Will we be comfortable with a stranger? Will we be natural? The questions were endless and we were not really comfortable. But parents of a little one of two years and with the imminent arrival of a small second one, we decided to take a leap.
That morning, we met early. Quickly we started to discuss a lot of things and we enjoyed your music… you released your camera and we continued our walk and our discussions…so much that we never had the impression that we were even on a photo shoot. We had a great time! Laughter, music, dances, exchanges… We had the feeling that we were just with a friend who had always been part of our lives and that we just hadn’t seen each other for a long time… The time just passed really fast and at the end of the morning, the real question was…when can we do it again??
A few days later, we discovered your photos… the awe! Between laughter and tears… others suspended in time to which we said to ourselves: it’s a fairytale!!! Your photos are gorgeous… The light is beautiful, the images are incredible, but it is especially much more than just that!! These photos…they are us!! Completely and without tricks!! Pictures full of life, laughter, joy and sincerity. Pure happiness that you have managed to capture in that time on this morning… For the first time since we have been in a relationship, we have seen and recognized us!
We could not have had a better memory than this session… These photos are an enjoyment for us and we are even happier to tell you that we are able to share them with our loved ones and the people around us!!! Now we cannot wait for our baby to arrive to take new photos!
Thank you Charline for your sweetness, for this bit of madness that made us laugh, for this tenderness that was captured in this moment of our lives. And thank you for leaving us this fabulous memory. One thing is sure, we will see you soon again because people like you are rare and precious! Thank you for entering our lives and we hope that you will stay there a long time for new adventures…with music and photos of course!

Marlène & Loulou

Dear Charline, I wanted to thank you for this great moment of collaboration and the afternoon I spent with you, filled with love in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Montmartre. I really liked your approach with Louise and I, your attention during the session and your discretion to bring to life our moments of life in your photos. I discovered your professional way of taking pictures and making incredible memories.

Your special thoughtfulness to surprise us with your video, photos and words that touch me a lot. After we hung up earlier, I re-read your little note that touches my heart and before Adrien returns from work, Louise and I looked at the photos again and selected our favorite ones together. It was hard because there are so many and each has its own story and emotion.
Really, Charline, thank you for your work and your promptness to offer us such memories. I will not hesitate to recommend to my relatives, you, your professionalism, the quality of your photos and the moment spent together.

Famille C.

Thank you for this great time with you! Full of emotions, laughter and joy! A family photo shoot, while being relaxed, especially for those of us who don’t find themselves super photogenic. We really appreciated your natural approach and especially the un-posed pictures! You have an incredible talent, and the pictures have exceeded all our expectations! A real pleasure to have such a beautiful trace of the first moments of life of our second boy. We can’t wait for the next photo shoot!