Happiness looks great on you

Much more than a photo shoot, this is what I want to offer you: to photograph through a reportage your life and to create these memories for you.

The simple bare necessities

Our family is our little thing that belong to us. Our parents, our grandparents, our brothers & sisters, our cousins. And then one day, our couple, one or more children. All these relations are quite magical, we learn to live together, we build together, we grow together.  Through this photo shoot, I want you to spend a beautiful time together to laugh, play, sing and dance if you feel like it. That you have a spontaneous, happy, and beautiful moment that belongs to you. It can be just between a mother and her child for a moment of complicity if you feel like it. Or with your whole family coming together with several generations.

My family is my base, my landmark. I have lots of family memories, I will never be able to write them all here. I am aware that I also have them thanks to the many photos and videos that we have and that we rediscover as soon as the desire takes us. I want to bring you all these memories today, for today and tomorrow.

Nice words

Pictures of my incredible families