A moment to reconnect with yourself. To feel beautiful, to see your body in the most beautiful way. To reveal your femininity, to laugh and enjoy.

He tells me I'm beautiful

It is not always easy to assume one’s body with what society tells us. We are always too much this or not enough that. Well, I want to show you that you are perfect as you are. Whether it’s to feel good in your daily life, seeing yourself differently, or to mark an event, to remember this body during your pregnancy.

My goal is that we have a good time together, pretty simple and with a lot of fun. That we can play with the lights, we put forward your personality and you come out motivated, full of energy, having images of you like you’ve never seen yourself.

What are your limits?

I won't have any. It's you who will chose what happens or not during this moment. I will suggest that we meet at your home or in a beautiful place that you have reserved for the occasion. You will be able to show me what you have in mind for your outfits and I will guide you.


Are you ready to see yourself more beautiful than ever?


During this photo shoot, everything is a matter of moment, of emotions. I want to capture at best this smile that characterizes you, this look that says a lot, these details of your face and your body. I know that sometimes this can be very intimidating. Count on me to find the words to put you at ease. I want to reveal your beauty, which makes you so special. That you let down the barriers and let me highlight this beauty that is yours.

This photo shoot must above all be a moment of calm, a moment for you. Take time before the session and go to the hairdresser or do a manicure. Realize that you have the right to give yourself this break in this life where we are always running.

Their kind words

Charline what to say about this session: joy, laughter and especially an exceptional feeling. We knew each other only vaguely but you knew to put me in confidence and to make this moment a more than appreciable moment.

Thanks to you and this femininity session, I finally managed to appreciate my body. I can only thank you for that!

Thank you Charline for this moment of sharing, this sunny morning, these gorgeous pictures and especially for your kindness.


This femininity session with you was a real favorite. Where normally I would never have thought of sitting like this, I found myself in front of you, talking, laughing and even dancing. It taught me to accept myself and my body as it is, and appreciate the beautiful pictures you made of me.
I think that every woman should take the time to enjoy a femininity session, at least once in a lifetime: a moment for oneself, to love oneself, to blossom and to be uncomplicated.
A big thank you to you who allowed me to live this moment and whose photos were beyond my expectations.