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Bernard Asleyr

“It’s said that the world belongs to those who get up early. It’s not true, the world belongs to those who are happy to get up”, Monica Vitti

This quote is something that really speaks out to me. I do not get up especially early, but I get up every day happy to do this job that I love and that perfectly fits to my 3 passions: photography, travel and music. These things have always had a very strong connection for me: they all heavily involve passion and emotions. Things that don´t lie to you but appear to you, hits you in the guts and pushes you to move forward.

Traveling taught me a lot but especially to enjoy every meeting that has so much to teach you. I am one of the lucky ones who have traveled a lot with my family while I was younger. I lived abroad, traveled a lot and went on a round the World tour with my backpack as my only fixed companion for almost 2 years. I travel to uncover beautiful landscapes, but also and especially to discover cultures, meet new people and see what this incredible world has to offer.

Music also plays an important part in my life. For those who are wondering, that’s the reason why there are many references to music on this site. In my family, we were running before every meal to find out which CD we were going to listen to that day. And when we did not listen to music, we played it.

Every piece of music takes me back to a particular place or a person. They make me smile, resonate something inside, make me laugh and even cry sometimes. I think photos are a little similar. It is a strong emotion that you live in the moment and the images allow you to relive all that. And photography is now no longer only a passion, but also my profession and my reason to meet you. We cannot really portray the bond between people who love each other if we do not deeply love the people ourselves and care about their story. I am someone very connected to the emotions of others and to mine too. And if I can perceive these emotions in you, I can bring them to life through my images and create memories that you will have and keep for life.

My photos are the continuity of my being, my heart, my feelings. I’m not just behind my camera trying to hide and surprise you. I am there, in the middle because I want to take part in this moment. I want us to have a great moment that will allow me to bring out all that you live for on a day to day basis. And lastly, I want you to look at your photo albums and pictures on the wall, like I still do every day at home with nothing but a big smile, pride and love.


Sacha Guitry

Fun Facts

I like : cooking good food, decoration, handball, flowers, reading, my hoodie that I cannot throw away, listening to music (and singing), dancing with you on the night of your wedding, talking about life with my friends around a good glass of wine, traveling (maybe a little too much), elephants, you (yes I already love you), laughing, playing the piano, having a break in my editing and photographing, of course!

I don’t like: routine, bad moods for nothing, getting up early to capture a sunrise even though it’s actually cloudy, the crowded metro, nights of less than 7 hours of sleep – yes I sleep a lot!

It's all about music

Here is what I listen

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful World
Stevie Wonder - Superstition
Ray Charles - Hit the road Jack
Elvis Presley - Can't help falling in love with you

But I also love -M-, Ben Harper, Gaël Faye, Eddy de Pretto, Grand Corps Malade, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Parov Stelar, Jean-Jacques Goldman and so many more...

Pictures by the talented Catherine Hudson (1st pic with my piano) / Caroline Liabot (picture in Morocco)