Go solo

Whether at home, outdoors, for your pleasure or to have beautiful pictures for your work, it's always important to keep nice personal memories year after year.

Say cheeeeese

No I’m kidding. No pose with me or embarrassing moment (well, I’ll try). I just want you to show me your smile, your fragility and your strength. If you feel like it, you can dance and sing, I will accompany you with pleasure. You can come with your rollers if you love them, your fashion accessories if you like it. I will follow you in the water if you want to throw yourself all dressed. In fact, there will be no limit. On my size at least. What will be yours…? 

My goal is that you have fun. To play with the light, to put forward many parts of your personality and that you come out of this experience over-motivated and full of energy.

Nice words

Pictures of amazing people