Oh happy day


Marriage is one of the best stages in life. It’s an important day as it brings together all your loved ones, families and friends and on this day, all eyes are on you. This is a unique opportunity to show your love and appreciation to those who have loved you and surrounded you for many years. It is a nice moment where you will be able to share your happiness with them.

I think I’ll always have the image of my grandfather looking at my grandmother in my mind, saying “60 years of happiness”, speaking of their 60-year marriage in a very special moment in our lives. That for me, is what marriage represents: a strong bond that one decides to show and will continue to do so until the end of their life. After falling in love with one another and having lived a few months or a couple of years together, you decide to spend the rest of your life together by uniting yourself in front of your loved ones, whom you may not have seen for a long time. It will be an intimate moment where all your emotions will be intensified: louder laughter, intense joy, sensitive tears and more tender gestures. And these are the moments I wish to capture as your photographer.

It’s time to live the unexpected


The best way to live a crazy marriage is to do it in your own image. Forget everything you read or saw if it does not suit you, and create the wedding of your dreams. The more it looks like you, the more incredible it will be.

I promise you I won’t ask you to pose, you won’t be embarrassed waiting for me to tell you what to do, I won’t talk during the ceremony (although it happened to me once to fall as I have not seen a bench behind me…). I want to guide you to enjoy the best light to make the photos but at the same time, I want you to fully live your moment. I want to capture all the smiles, the tears of joy, your hands playing, the crazy laughs, your grandmother dancing, the first official wedding hug, your friends who have been thinking for hours about their speech. And I will also dance with you until the end of the night if I still have some energy 🙂

Here is one thing we don’t often talk about: photos are the only memories that will remain in a few years. When your memories begin to move away in your brain, you can bring out your album and relive your day. And I want to make sure all the best times will be there, in this album. Too often, the importance of the photographer is neglected in a marriage although it’s the only one bringing these memories to you for life.

“Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling so it goes, some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you”
Elvis Presley

Comme une rivière coule inéluctablement vers la mer, Chéri c’est ainsi, Certaines choses sont inévitables.
Prends ma main, prends toute ma vie aussi car je n’y peux rien si je t’aime


Sentiments from my clients

We made the plunge to marry in Marrakesh, and you immediately said yes to our joyous occasion! The feeling was right straight away, and we felt everything ran perfectly. You are not only a very talented photographer, but also a wonderful human being with a huge heart! To have you with us for this moment was simply a gift, you were not just a photographer but a friend who photographed; we laughed together, cried together, danced together! You were everywhere and nowhere at once. Discrete in your shots, not disturbing anyone and everywhere because you did not miss a single moment.  You were completely involved with the guests and for all this we are grateful to you. I received many messages praising you! We had total confidence in you, your talent and your work.

The final product of the photos… even though I had no doubt and expected to be amazed, it was even more than that… We just relived our wedding day all over again!!!!!! You know how to capture the emotions of everyone and looking at the photos, the tears were there again so your photos are intense. Even our cousin who did not attend the wedding was moved to tears, thanks to the pictures: “I’m running out of handkerchiefs! The photos are beautiful, it’s as if I was there”.
I also love your attention to detail and the presence it has right up until the delivery of the photos, with all these little adorable touches in your way. So I speak on behalf of all those who were there at our wedding, just to say a big THANK YOU… Thank you for being the person you are, thank you for your generosity, for your sensitivity, your big heart, your joy to live, your zen attitude… everything that makes you who you are and the one that captures such beautiful moments. Thanks to you will remain engraved and unforgettable pictures that LIVE.

Jessica & Brice

A month before our wedding, we still had no photographer… yet many people told us that we made a mistake not to take! We met at the wedding of a friend you worked for. Victor approached you at 2am on the dance floor and it turns out that you were available 😉 youpi! We organized and in a week we decided that you would be the woman of the situation!

You have been very efficient in the management of this contract that fell on you! On the D-day, we had the impression to have a friend at our side! We were just ourselves without any apprehension! The couple pictures were very nice, just a great moment that allowed us to exchange, to be free… and the result is as if they were taken without us noticing! We loved it. As for the family photos, fast and efficient! This is what we wanted, we wanted to share a maximum of our time with our guests and having pictures of that rather than spending our time on some posed group pictures!

It’s really great that you received us at your home to deliver the pictures, it’s much more personal than a link or a box by mail! We could discover the photos together and we had the impression to relive the marriage, with obviously some tears in the eye. Thank you for everything! And now we recommend to all future brides to take a photographer and especially you!

Anne-Sophie & Victor

We were looking for our wedding photographer : involved but not bulky, original but not eccentric, who knows how to guide us while remaining easy and, above all, who is able to highlight the atmosphere of the event.

After meeting you, we knew that you would be THE best person to meet these requirements given the high quality of your work and your obvious human qualities.

It’s not enough to say that we were satisfied because in addition to meeting all these criteria, you were very sympathetic to us and you were very involved in our marriage, beyond your role of photographer, which we thank you deeply. We are finally and of course delighted with the beautiful photos you have taken, which correspond perfectly to our expectations and allow us to relive this beautiful moment with as much emotion.
A thousand more thanks and see you soon.

Marie-Renée & Adrien

When we called you for our wedding, we were looking for a caring photographer for the day that meant so much to us. And you immediately knew how to give us this kindness. You tried to find out who we are so you would not have had a simple provider relationship with us, but a real human and friendly relationship.

This is probably what made you capture the emotion of the day, all the smiles and joy that came with our wedding, and with a lot of spontaneity. You knew how to blend into the intimacy of our wedding with delicacy and make all our photos alive, far from the fixed poses we were scared about.

Our guests were touched by your kindness and availability, and we were all delighted by your photos. We enjoyed so much trusting you during the preparation of the wedding and the D-day! Your nice attentions when you made us discover the photos of the wedding touched us a lot… For your beautiful photos and memories that you have immortalized, and for everything else: a big thank you!

Anne & Bruno


When he takes me in his arms,

he speaks to me in a whisper, I see life in pink