vos voyages plage photographie

Take me to the end of the earth


I like to think that each of our encounters is like a trip. We meet somewhere in your city or a place that makes you happy and I try to make you live a unique adventure that you have never experienced. You might know the places already, but not what you will experience a different adventure when surrounded by your loved ones. We will also get to know each other as well as me and your loved ones. We will discover more about you and us and share a bit of our days together, so small it will it be in the scale of our lives. So, these trips are yours, or rather ours. Those we create together, those where you take me to a corner of your life to show me what drives you. It will bring out all types of emotions, words and images. And I would like to think that people who read about me and my work on this space would also be able to feel all the love you have for each other.

I will also use this space to tell you a little more about my work, my inspirations, introduce you to people or tell you about my own trips that inspire me. All of this, starting with nothing but some good music.